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Fall/Winter is coming.

I don’t know about you but I was once a winter lover. Before stuying abroad, I was always dreaming about a romantic winter with lots lots of snow. As I came to Germany, that lovely dream slowly faded away and now I hate winter as much as I hate being tan. It is not that I don’t like snow anymore but I discovered the fact that the long winter with no sunshine doesn’t bring happiness as I thought. Everday in 8-9 months of the year the sky is grayish, pretty boring and doesn’t provide any life energy. Everything looks deadly. Last winter was so long that I even got depressed for a periode of time. Only when the sun shined again in May I was able to be as lively as I ever was.

At this time, summer has finally gone. Fall is now in season. It has been raining everyday since last week, showing us that happy summer time is over. How sad is that! You will see no bare skin on the street, only the dark colors of jackets and umbrellas everywhere. I particularly realized that Europeans don’t wear bright jackets in winter. Only beige, brown, black, gray. I think that made me even more depressed in the winter.

However, winter is not there yet. Fall is actually a pretty lovely season in a year when we see the color changing process day by day. I’m now back into office work and stopped working at the bakery so I see this picture everyday. The leaves color changes slowly everyday I look at it. Do you find it pretty? I will try to make the best out of fall, yes I will try to visit more places before winter arrives. Europe is very beautiful in the fall 🙂


Photo Credit: Mark Alan

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