Dear Diary

Last day before going to uni again.

I’m enjoying those last free moments before getting back busy with learning and everything. The actual start of semester is on Oct 14. However, master students seem to have to suffer the pain a week before bachelor students. Yes, I’m a graduate. I’ve finished my bachelor studies 2 months ago at the LMU Munich.

I’ve been doing all the things I probably can’t during the semester. Watching films, reality shows, cooking etc.

the_prestige_poster 4de18ba494cb3201b4382d781f02f75d 2013-09-29 20.05.05 2013-09-30 21.17.272013-10-06 12.49.27

I also wanted to go picnic someday. However my boyfriend was busy with his bachelor thesis, so I decided to shifted it back 2 weeks. I’m planning for Würzburg


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Hi, I'm a beauty addicted. I'm interested in beauty products, cooking, traveling and photographing. I love to share my thoughts, my experiences and discuss with you about it


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