[News] Innisfree Christmas Limited Edition

Hi girls, there will be no review today, but just some thoughts of mine about the new released Innisfree Christmas Collection. They are selling limited edition of a great variety of products with very sweet and lovely design. Perfect as a gift in the upcoming Christmas holiday. They have 10 products in these cute packaging, ranging from perfumed candle, air diffuser, nail color, hand cream, face cream, eyeliner to lipstick.


The first time I saw it, I thought I would desperately reach out for the 2 sets of lipsticks and gel eyeliners. It looks so pretty and is a great deal for those who hasnt owned those products yet. I have been thinking over and over whether I should buy me ones. In the end, after a week, I decide to give up on these.



Actually, if I didnt buy the Creamy Tint Lipstick Color No. 1, I would definitely buy this set. I love the 2 colors 1 and 2, but not the 12. It doesnt make sense to buy the whole set just for only one color. After eliminating the mini tint set, I concentrated on the eyeliner set only. It is a tough decision… I swore I would not buy anything else till the end of this year and save money on the Naked Palette. Huhu, Innisfree, why do you want to torture me like this? :(((((( Why cant you let me have other color options????? I sooooo envy those that live in Korea for being able to buy these stuffs anytime they want 😦

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