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Hi beauties! I’m a vietnamese girl who is currently studying in Germany. I’m recently into korean beauty products because as you know their products look extremely cute and have good quality. Because I’m not able to read Hangul, I can rarely find information about the products that I want to buy. And that’s exactly how I came to the idea of having a blog, sharing my own experience with it and also its ingredients if available. You will see a lot of reviews on Innisfree products, because I love this brand. Mostly because Innisfree is one of the few real natural cosmetic brands in Korea. Feel free to introduce me new products or new brands which are also natural and ecologically-awared like Innisfree 🙂

Since I’m also very interested in cooking and traveling, you will from time to time also find some posts on vietnamese recipes and traveling experiences, but just skip it if you find it bothering you ^^

I hope this blog could be a great help to somebody 😉 If you want to know something further, feel free to comment down below. Thanks for coming by ❤

PS: I have normal to dry skin. I used to have oily skin as I was in Vietnam but since I moved here to study, my skin start to condition to the dry weather here. I rarely break out so I honestly don’t have experiences on acne.



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